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Idealized by its founder, Sergio Aparecido dos Santos, the company was incorporated in July 1999 and started operations in December of the same year. Fundimazza is a Brazilian family owned company and it has an overcoming history. In the beginning of its operations, the company had only basic equipment but, even with this condition, the founder challenged himself to create an organization to become a reference in the Brazilian investment casting market. He had a dream and never saved efforts to turn it into a reality. Over the years, the company has been growing continuously by acquiring high-tech equipment and investing in highly qualified employees. Today the company has its main facility and headquarters located in Cordeirópolis-SP and is building a new plant in Araras-SP, Brazil.


Our Services

In Fundimazza the relationship with your customers is partnership. We offer a range of services that add value to the product. This means, in practice, optimizing parts manufacturing process, fast delivery benefits to customer logistics.


Fundimazza and its employees, are proud to be among the first companies in the casting industry to successfully accomplish NBR ISO 90019001 certification, the world’s most respected quality management system standard.


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Investment Casting Process

Investment casting is a complex process which begins with the creation of a heat disposable pattern made by injection wax into a mold (metal die). Fundimazza counts with automatic injection machines and specialized professionals to ensure parts’ dimensional precision.

The wax pattern generally takes the same basic geometrical shape as the intended finished cast part. To ensure the precision, it is necessary removing burrs, i.e., carefully remove the small particles, even almost unperceivable, do not belong to the parts.

After deburring, the wax patterns are mounted onto a runner by heat stick system to form a casting cluster.

Successive layers of special refractory materials are applied to the cluster with strict control of temperature and humidity.

Once a ceramic layer has been made and dried, the entire cluster is placed in an autoclave to remove most of the wax by means of steam pressure in order to get the ceramic shell molds. All spaces previously filled with the wax, are now empty.

To gather more mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance, the shell molds are placed into a firing furnace in a high temperature of approximately 1100 C.

After firing process, the molten metal is carefully poured into the shell and through the force of gravity, fills the mold completely forming a casting attached to the down sprue.

The castings are cut from the clusters, receive specific finishing (grinding, straightening, heat treatment, application of microdots, etc) and undergo a strict inspection before released or sent to the costumer.

Chemical analyses are performed using optical emission spectrometry, when necessary, the laboratory performs mechanical and metallographic tests.

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