Idealized by its founder, Sergio Aparecido dos Santos, the company was incorporated in July 1999 and started operations in December of the same year. Fundimazza is a Brazilian family owned company and it has an overcoming history. In the beginning of its operations, the company had only basic equipment but, even with this condition, the founder challenged himself to create an organization to become a reference in the Brazilian investment casting market. He had a dream and never saved efforts to turn it into a reality. Over the years, the company has been growing continuously by acquiring high-tech equipment and investing in highly qualified employees. Today the company has its main facility and headquarters located in Cordeirópolis-SP and is building a new plant in Araras-SP, Brazil.


Our Mission

  • Service Excellence
  • Fulfill Product Demand
  • Contribute to Customer Success
  • Commitment to Sustainability
  • Be a Market Reference
  • Be Recognized by Customers, Employees and Suppliers
  • Do the Simple
  • Always Do As Agreed

Our differential

There are virtually limitless areas of application of the parts manufactured by casting process. Food industry, automotive, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, valves and fittings, hospital/medical components, surgical and dental instruments, human orthopedic implants and measuring instruments, are some examples of market segments served by Fundimazza.

 The process of casting has a number of advantages not obtained by other casting processes. These advantages turn into benefits for companies using casted parts: making parts from the simplest geometry to the most complex, the thickness of the low walls, excellent finish, high dimensional accuracy (according to international standards), reduction in machining operations (in some cases 100% eliminated), weight reduction, significant reduction in the final cost and superior appearance.

Fundimazza and its employees are proud to be among the first casting companies to successfully implement ISO 9001, the most prestigious standard of quality system management. In order to maintain compliance to the requirements of this standard and the commitment to its quality policy, Fundimazza conducts periodic motivational exercises, personal and professional development, evaluation of procedures, and staff training while continuously investing in high-tech equipment. Fundimazza is aware that the success of an organization is the result of continuous efforts to improve the quality of its products.

We at Fundimazza want to be partners in your project!