Differentiated Services

Fundimazza understands that the relationship with its customers is a true partnership and that the success of the business partners is a result of such cooperation. Based on this philosophy, Fundimazza offers a range of services, which add value to its partner’s products. In practical terms, it means, process and product optimizations, fast delivery and continuous quality improvement. At Fundimazza, each project is unique and seriously considered since the request for quotation up to the final product delivery.

Tool Room

Fundimazza has its own tool room. This capacity allows for having the flexibility to meet shorter deadlines, higher tool quality and competitive costs. Specialized professionals with an extensive background in investment casting tooling production compose the tool room team. Mechanical Engineers and Designers use CAD/CAM software to design and manufacture the casting tools.


Investment casting technology normally reduces or eliminate the need for finishing machining but, if necessary, Fundimazza has also this capability in house. Counting on CNC Vertical Machining Centers and Horizontal Lathes, specialized professionals are prepared to design and develop the most adequate machining process in order to guarantee the product final dimensional tolerances.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment consists in heating the material at an adequate temperature during enough time to change its physical properties followed by controlled cooling. Fundimazza has heat treatment capacity in house and qualified professionals with extensive experience to perform it.


The investment casting process is an economical way to produce metallic parts with excellent dimensional precision and surface finishing, reducing or virtually eliminating extra machining operations. It is one of the oldest known foundry process. Archeological evidences in different areas of the planet indicate that investment casting process started in the Bronze Age, around 4,000 years BC. It is an industrial process with refined and rigorous control systems for each manufacturing step.

Genuine Brazilian Company specialized in developing and manufacturing investment casting (lost wax process) parts.